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Moths of Europe
Zygaenids, Pyralids 1 - Volume 3

Texts and photographs: Patrice LERAUT

Coming out 25th April 2012

Volume 3 of a collection of 4 volumes wich cover most of the moths of Europe.

This guide book covers the zygaenids (Zygaenidae), Brachodidae
and pyralids (Crambidae) (the 10 subfamilies representing the
pyralids in Europe and studied in this guide are the Pyraustinae,
Spilomelinae, Odontiinae, Evergestinae, Glaphyriinae, Crambinae,
Schoenobiinae, Cybalomiinae, Scopariinae and Acentropinae).
Each species is given an exact description, with useful information
on their biology.

Illustrations are displayed as 112 colour plates featuring 1000
species in 2300 photos.

200 line drawings clarify certain anatomical characters and
illustrate genitalia of taxa that are difficult to distinguish.
Distribution maps are provided to complement the other details.

A concise comprehensive field guide.


Moths of Europe volume 1  

> Hardback cover
> 600 pages
> Size 13 x 20,5 cm
> Bound book
> 86 €
> ISBN 978-2-913688-15-5

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